Software Defined Storage

Either you are building scale-up or scale-out storage solutions for Linux we have powerful storage virtualization services to achieve unified file and block storage operations to meet the demanding workload of many applications.

In addition comprehensive set of data services snapshots, replication, mirroring, cloud tiering are available complement your solutions.

You could use some open-source implementation just like anybody else, but here is why you need our solution:

High-performance iSCSI server

One of the early ISCSI server implementation on Linux, when iSCSI protocol was still a draft  and before it was ratified as RFC-3720. It packs powerful features not easily available in other ISCSI server

Flexibile Provisioning

Whether your platform requires traditional block device LUNs or more flexible LUNs with file images, MayaScale can work work with any block device that Linux supports and convert it to LUN over FibreChannel or iSCSI network. The software can also service ordinary flat file, VM Images (vmdk, qcow, qcow2 ..) as block storage without any conversion.

Software Composable Infrastructure

Respond quickly to changing workloads with software defined storage solution.  You can start with standard high-available scale-up ZFS based storage server. When the application demands scale-out  architecture  spin-up clusters using our integrated GlusterFS that complements ZFS storage pool,

Also you could scale-any storage by adding burst server operation with our NVMe cache tiering module.

Multi-cloud object storage

Connect your data  to popular cloud object storage from Azure, AWS, Google or any other S3 compatible storage provider and save cost and reduce on-prem storage requirements.