Crossmeta on Github

The Crossmeta project has been around since the days of Windows NT 3.51 and has progressed nicely to this decade of Windows 10 !!, with support of many popular file systems XFS, EXT4, HPFS, EXT2/3, FFS, and ReiserFS.

GitHub of Crossmeta org, with repos for its many services. Come here to contribute to the Crossmeta services and documentation.  Here is the glance of repos

  • Crossmeta sys
    The core of Crossmeta that provides BSD style POSIX file system operations to Windows programs using standard NT kernel interfaces.  In a nut shell this provides the essential VFS and syscalls of a  UNIX system.
  • cxfuse
    Crossmeta FUSE is the windows version of Linux FUSE interfaces. It supports both the high-level and low-level interfaces of FUSE.  In combination of crossmeta sys , cxfuse provides full FUSE capabilities without limitations such as hardlinks, symbolic links, mount points that you would encounter with other simple minded FUSE implementations on Windows.  This would also remove any dependencies on Cygwin etc.
  • Busybox combines tiny version of many common UNIX utilities and is provided to prove the ability of Crossmeta system as POSIX compliant system.

If you find a problem, you can file an issue here. (However, if you just have a question, use one of the other resources listed here.)

Open-ZFS on Linux

Zettalane Linux provides hardened port of open-zfs on Linux, that is tightly integrated with RedHat Linux 7.4 for frictionless memory management and for metadata intensive operations with NFS server.   While the ZFS core is free for to use, you can unleash advanced data management features: Cloud storage gateway, Snapshot replication, High-Availability by purchasing supported license options.