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Custom Development Services

Our service is unique and guaranteed

Located  in the heart of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, California; CROSSMETA Solutions offers custom software development services in very specialized areas such as:

  • SAN infrastructure solutions
  • NAS solutions
  • File systems
  • Storage device drivers
  • Scale-out cluster and High Availability

Our expertise is unique and guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Give us your project requirements and we take care of design and implementation of your software with only periodic review and direct from you. Or, our consultants can work with your team and cut your time-to-delivery. We offer proven and stable development methodology thereby reducing time to market and the development costs for you.

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Supramani (Sam) Sammandam – Founder & Architect
Over 20 years of software design & development experience in storage systems ranging from scale-up, scale-out, to scale-any.
•Founder of ZettaLane Systems to leverage emerging NVMe Fabrics technology to public cloud for the most demanding application workloads
•Founded Pavitrasoft Inc, one of the early companies to develop iSCSI storage solutions. This was on the onset of software defined storage paradigm.
•Developed iSCSI target stack for Linux Kernel , when iSCSI RFC was at draft, along with other software infrastucture solutions
•Created a ZFS port on Linux
•Ported several file systems to Windows Kernel XFS, EXT2, HFS+ available as Crossmeta product.
•Developed FUSE like user-mode file system framework in Windows NT.
•Github: https://github.com/crossmeta