Unified Block & File Storage Server with open-ZFS

Open-ZFS on Linux

Powerful framework for easy  file system development in Windows

Crossmeta FUSE

Storage virtualization for software defined storage


Our core features

Software Defined Storage

We have powerful storage virtualization solutions that turns standard servers into multi-protocol software defined storage system with total freedom and unmatched performance.  Innovate and build a scale-up or scale-out storage

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Open-ZFS For Linux

Our own port of Open-ZFS for LINUX optimized for Enterprise Linux 7.4. This  hardened ZFS is tightly integrated with RedHat Linux kernel with extensive memory and performance tuning for robust file storage operation especially for NAS storage system.

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Crossmeta SDK for Windows

Crossmeta provides BSD style POSIX file system operations to Windows programs using standard NT kernel interfaces.  Crossmeta File System SDK for Windows is the easiest way to port your favorite FUSE programs to Windows

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Crossmeta is a Silicon Valley based Enterprise Storage Solutions developer.
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